Effect of Frequently Mutual Soap Against Bath Skin Health

For those of you who travel frequently, there is one habit that you don’t realize that might affect your skin’s health, namely the habit of changing bath soaps. You may not have time to prepare the bath soap you use frequently at home and have to resort to the soap available. Is there an effect of frequently using different bath soaps?

The effect of the habit of changing bath soaps

Actually, the effect of bath soap products will be different because it depends on the skin condition of each person. Therefore, the habit of changing bath soaps may only affect those who have sensitive skin . 

Well, at first glance, the variant of bath soap on the market looks similar. According to Stephen McNeil, professor from the department of Chemistry at the University of British Columbia to NPR , all cleaning products have basically the same ingredients. 

Cleaning products usually contain detergent molecules known as surfactants. The surfactants in soap also work to remove oil particles and clean them from your skin.

However, not a few of these products use different chemicals. For example, chemicals used as dyes and fragrances for soap will differ in some products. 

Therefore, try to start choosing a bath soap that suits your skin type. This is so that you can feel the maximum benefits and avoid dry skin and other side effects. 

Tips for choosing the right bath soap for your skin

The habit of changing bath soaps has not been proven to have any side effects on skin health. However, it doesn’t hurt to find out what bath soap suits your skin, right?

1. Decide priorities for yourself

One of the tips for choosing the right soap to avoid the habit of changing bath products is to start deciding on priorities. Look, there are many types of bath soap available in the market.

For example, handmade bar soap can be a great choice for those who want to save the environment and focus on vegan and natural skin care. 

One thing to remember about bar soap is that the sodium hydroxide content in it is indeed effective in cleaning the body from dirt. However, these active compounds can dry out the skin. 

For those of you who have dry skin, you should check the ingredients in the bar soap again. 

2. See skin condition 

After successfully deciding your priorities, don’t forget to look at your skin condition to avoid the effects of the habit of changing bath soaps. 

No matter what type of soap you are currently using, when it makes your skin feel tight, dry, or itchy, it means it’s time to change the product. The right soap generally leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh, and doesn’t make it peel off. Even if the soap looks good on your friend’s skin, that doesn’t mean your skin will get the same results. 

Everyone has different skin types and they will react differently to soap. If possible, you can start trying out product samples before buying.

Pay attention to how your skin looks after using soap, either immediately after rinsing it off or after using it for several days to weeks. 

3. Consult a dermatologist

If you are confused about which soap is suitable for your skin type, try visiting a dermatologist or dermatologist. 

Apart from being able to ask about the problem of the habit of changing bath soaps, they can find out about your skin type and specific conditions. This way, your dermatologist can suggest the right type of soap for your skin. 

The effect of mutually bath soap actually depends on the skin type of each person. Do they have sensitive skin so that when the bath soap is changed it will cause certain effects, such as dry skin or not at all.

If you are accustomed to doing this habit and there are changes in the skin, please consult a doctor to find out the cause.

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