How to cut your own bangs at home without fear of failure

Ever been bored with everyday looks and wanted to cut your own bangs? Cut your own bangs is a great way for those of you who want to save money or are lazy to go to the salon just to cut bangs that are only a little. But if you cut your own bangs, maybe you often feel afraid of failure and are afraid to make a weird appearance. Here are the steps to cut your own bangs without fear of failure at home. 

How to cut your own bangs

Currently, bangs hair style is popular but there is something that must be considered because bangs can cause problems on the face, especially the forehead.

Quoting from Healthline , rarely cleaning bangs can trigger acne growth on the forehead because of the oil content in the hair. For that, you need to wash your hair more regularly and cut your bangs, here’s how to cut your own bangs at home.

The first technique that needs to be done when cutting your own bangs is to use special equipment, such as scissors for hair. The shape of the scissors is slimmer, longer, and has a sharp tip, making it easier for you to cut bangs.

Using regular paper scissors can make bangs uneven and can cause split ends. 

Cutting hair when dry

It is highly recommended to cut hair with dry conditions and have been neatly styled. Why is that? This method makes it easy for you to get an idea of ​​the shape of the bangs you want when cutting them yourself at home. You can also adjust the shape of the bangs to your everyday style.

Wet hair will change when it dries. As a result, the cut may be shorter than it should be when the hair is dry.

Use hair clips

To avoid clipping other sections of hair, use bobby pins to separate the bangs and hair. The right way, pin the hair back from each side, then leave the bangs that you will cut yourself at home.

Wearing bobby pins makes it easy for you to see which part of your hair is part of the bangs and you don’t want to make mistakes when cutting.

Cut the bangs into a triangle

When you are using the hair clip to separate the hair and bangs, form a triangular parting. To make this triangle, you can separate it using a hair comb that has a sharp handle.

Cut the bangs into thin strips

The thing that is most often done when cutting your own bangs is to cut them short, even though that is the wrong step. Cutting bangs in one scissors can make them uneven and messy.

The trick, divide the bangs into two to three parts, then cut the bangs from the bottom. So that the other bangs don’t get cut, pinch the other bangs that haven’t been cut.

This is a self-cutting method that can make it easier to correct them if you cut them wrong.

To get a natural and smooth look, you should cut the bangs into thin strips with very few strands. You can cut the bangs above the nose, then cut slowly to get the desired length of bangs. 

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