Judging by Skin Fasting, Skincare ‘Fasting’ Trends for Beautiful Skin

There is a trend in the world of beauty known as skin fasting . Instead of using skincare , this trend invites you to ‘fast’ from all kinds of skin care products for a certain period of time. Reportedly, skin fasting is a natural detox method that makes skin healthier and more beautiful.

What is skin fasting ?

Skin fasting is a ‘fast’ from various skincare products for a certain time to maintain skin health. The principle is that by not using skincare , the skin can restore its balance which has been changed due to chemicals.

Deanne Robinson, a dermatologist from the United States, said that you are like ‘training’ the skin every time you use skincare . The ingredients in this product make the skin perform something that is not its natural function.

For example, when you apply a moisturizer to oily skin , it gets a signal that it doesn’t need to remove excess oil because the surface is quite moist. Oil production will continue to decrease as long as you keep using it.

The same thing happens if you regularly use products to clean the dead skin layers (exfoliate). Chemicals such as AHA and BHA in it will stimulate the turnover of skin cells faster than normal.

Skin fasting is a natural way to restore skin balance to its original state. This method will also remove traces of chemicals that can cause irritation. In other words, your skin is reborn with its original function.

Do you need skin fasting ?

In the past, it seems that makeup cleansers and moisturizers are enough to treat faces. Over time and the development of innovation, now you may be familiar with the 10 steps of facial care that are increasingly popular.

The assumption that “more products is better” is not always true. Instead of healthy skin, this is a very common mistake to use skincare . Skincare that terlal many buis a mutually interfere with the function of one another.

Exfoliating excessively , for example, makes the skin red, itchy, or peels. Inappropriate exfoliator products can also cause irritation, dryness, and sensitive skin.

Useful ingredients such as retinoids and hyaluronic acid can also damage the skin if used excessively. Both damage the protective barrier that keeps the skin moisturised, worsening acne, rosacea symptoms, and eczema.

If the skincare products you are using actually cause new problems, maybe this is a sign that your skin needs skin fasting . Try stopping using these products one by one until you know which skincare is not suitable .

Conversely, you don’t need to do skin fasting if your skin has no problem with these skincare products . Your skin may match the active ingredients in it and be more awake with your skincare routine .

What happened during skin fasting ?

The form of fasting can be different for each person, from simply stopping using moisturizer to not using skincare products at all. The length also varies, some are only a few days, a week, or even more.

You can start by stopping one product at a time. See if there are any changes after you stop using certain products. Keep going until leaving only sunscreen .

Sunscreen is a product that should not be missed when skin fasting . The reason is, ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin. Just wash your face with water and use sunscreen as a substitute for your skincare routine .

You may experience various changes. If you have dry skin , skin fasting can make it better or worse. So, make sure you drink enough water to prevent your skin from getting dry .

See the results a few days later and compare them with your previous skin condition. If skin fasting makes your skin better, you can repeat it every few months.

Skin fasting is a natural method for maintaining healthy skin by not using skincare for a certain period of time. This method is believed to make the skin ‘breathe’ freely after previously being exposed to chemicals from skincare products .

Although potentially good for the skin, keep in mind that skin fasting can have different effects on each person. If you are interested in skin fasting , try doing it for 3-4 days first and see the effect on your skin.

Stop skin fasting if your skin becomes dry, has acne, or has other problems. Follow your skincare routine again and consult this problem with a dermatologist to determine a solution.

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