Tummy Tuck Procedure, Creates a Flat and Toned Stomach with Surgery

Have you ever heard of a tummy tuck procedure  ? Tummy tuck is a surgery to improve the shape and appearance of the stomach. Yes, having a flat and toned stomach seems to be everyone’s dream, especially women.

Unfortunately, even though you regularly exercise and adjust your diet, sometimes the shape of your stomach doesn’t change and it remains saggy. Starting from this, this surgical procedure is often a shortcut to enhance your appearance.

What is a tummy tuck ?

Rarely exercise, drastic weight gain, have been pregnant and given birth, so that excessive sugar consumption can make your stomach droop.

Not infrequently, the appearance of the stomach can look multiple and even as if it “fell” down. For women, this certainly lowers self-confidence, especially if you like to wear clothes that tend to be tight.

One of the solutions offered to improve the appearance of the stomach is the tummy tuck procedure  . However, this operation can still be done by anyone as long as it meets the criteria.

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure to tighten and improve the shape of the stomach. That way, the stomach that was sagged is expected to be flatter, tighter, and more beautiful to look at.

Tummy tuck , or in medical terms called abdominoplasty, is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the stomach .

What is the purpose of the tummy tuck?

Apart from helping to get rid of excess belly and fat, the abdominal muscles will also be tightened during this procedure.

Tummy tuck is also a useful surgery to remove excess skin at the bottom of the navel and remove scars in the area.

However, this procedure cannot repair scars that are outside the area.

Who can do this operation?

Tummy tuck  is a type of cosmetic surgery that cannot be performed by everyone. That is, there are certain criteria if you want to have this one operation.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery , some of the criteria that doctors allow to perform a tummy tuck are as follows:

  • Have tried exercise and diet to lose weight, but the stomach is still sagging and folding.
  • Lose enough weight so that the skin in the abdominal area becomes “loose” and appears excessively thick.
  • The skin and abdominal muscles stretch and relax after pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Not a smoker.
  • Have a good physical condition and stable weight.

However, this abdominoplasty surgery cannot be done immediately if a woman still plans to become pregnant or lose weight drastically.

That is why, this operation is usually recommended to be done after someone gives birth or successful weight loss.

How is the tummy tuck procedure done?

Before this surgical procedure , you will be given general anesthesia or general anesthesia. The general anesthesia will make you completely unconscious during the operation.

The doctor then starts the operation by making two incisions, from one hip bone to the other hipbone and around the navel to the pubic hair.

Launching from the Mayo Clinic , the connective tissue above the abdominal muscles will be tightened with permanent stitches. Next, the doctor will straighten the skin around the navel and sew the navel in a normal position.

The incisions from one hip and the other over the pubic hair will also be sutured together, leaving a slight scar. A tummy tuck  is a surgical procedure that usually takes about 2-5 hours.

Is this surgical procedure risky?

Medical procedures generally carry risks afterward. Some of the risks behind this stomach surgery procedure include:

  • Buildup of excess fluid under the skin.
  • The postoperative wound healing process did not go well.
  • Scar tissue appears on the incision scar during surgery. Scar tissue is part of the process by which a wound will heal.
  • Tissue damage in the area of ​​the operation.
  • Changes in the feeling of feeling in the stomach, such as numbness, after surgery due to nerve influences.

It is important to always consult with your doctor regarding any surgical procedure, including a  tummy tuck . Your doctor can provide advice and actions that are suitable for your body condition.

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