What’s the difference between a hydrating and moisturizing skincare for your skin?

Choosing skin care products for some people is a confusing thing. Moreover, if you have certain skin problems such as dehydration or dryness . At first glance, the symptoms look the same but the treatments are different. Therefore, you need to know what are the differences between hydrating and moisturizing products for the skin so you don’t choose the wrong choice.

The difference between hydrating and moisturizing products

Dry skin and dehydration can have different causes. Dry skin is usually caused more by a lack of production of sebum (natural oil) which is genetic and tends to get more visible as you get older. Meanwhile, dehydrated skin is caused by the habit of not drinking enough water, a climate that is too dry or too hot, sun exposure, or lack of sleep.

Anyone can experience dehydration of their skin, but not all skin types are dry. So because these two things are different, the skin care products that are needed are also not the same.

Here are the most striking differences between hydrating and moisturizing products :

1. Hydrating product for dehydrated skin

As the name implies, skin care products that are hydrating are useful for hydrating facial skin. Hydrating products are also humectants which allow them to absorb water from outside into the skin. Therefore, hydrating products are usually used if you have skin problems with dehydration.

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that lacks water content, so that the skin texture changes. The first sign of dehydrated skin is redness, inflammation, it can also feel itchy.

Some of the ingredients that you can find in hydrating products are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, honey, pantenol, and collagen. Quoted from Healthline , the content of hyaluronic acid can maintain and increase hydration levels so that the skin is moisturized and supple again.

2. Moisturizing products for dry skin

If hydrating products are intended for dehydrated skin, then products that are moisturizing are intended for dry skin owners.

Dry skin already has a natural barrier to hold in moisture, but it’s not strong enough so it still needs the help of a moisturizing product. This is the difference between the functions of hydrating and moisturizing products.

Moisturizer or moisturizer works to hold moisture while preventing the remaining natural moisture from evaporating from the skin. So, not to add water content to keep it moist.

Usually, moisturizing products for dry skin have ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly , olive oil , or zinc oxide . Choose products with ingredients that can increase the natural oil levels in your skin.

3. The consistency of the two is different

The difference between other hydrating and moisturizing products is their consistency.

Most of the hydrating products contain water so that the consistency is more fluid, for example a hydrating toner or a hydrating serum . On the other hand, moisturizing products have a thicker consistency like cream or lotion.

For owners of dry skin types , you should choose a moisturizing skincare product with a thick enough consistency.

Quoted from Healthline, a moisturizer with emollient content will prevent the loss of moisture in the skin as well as add nutrients .

Although different purposes, hydrating and moisturizing products can be used together

Although there are differences between hydrating and moisturizing products, the two products can be used simultaneously. Keep in mind, dehydration problems can occur in any skin type.

Therefore, hydrating the skin is not enough if it is not locked with a moisturizing product. Not only for dry skin types, these two products can also be applied to people with oily skin types .

Moreover, the water content can also evaporate along with the skin’s natural oils due to environmental factors, and eventually trigger dry skin. Dehydration will also worsen oil production in your skin.

Use a hydrating product first and wait for it to sink completely. Then, after that, use moisturizing products . Whichever you use, choose skincare products that are oil-free and noncomedogenic so they don’t clog pores.

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