5 Supplies for the Self-Defense Movement for Women

Verbal harassment and sexual harassment are common topics among women. As a form of self-protection, it doesn’t hurt to learn self-defense moves for women. That way, at least you have a strategy to take care of yourself as well as increase your confidence when you are outside the home. What martial arts moves should a woman master when dealing with an abuser ?

Guidelines for martial movements for women

According to A National Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault , about 810 people out of 1000 women worldwide report experiencing abuse.

The forms of harassment reported in the 2018 survey can include verbal ( catcalling ), sexual abuse and assault.

Of the various forms of harassment against women, verbal abuse is the most common type.

That’s why it’s important for women to equip themselves with protective movements, even if you’ve never felt like you’re in unsafe conditions.

Well, here are various martial arts movements for women that need to be owned:

1.  Hammer strike

As the name implies, the hammer strike movement as self-defense for women is done by hitting an opponent with one hand as if he were using a hammer.

In practice, you can use other objects instead of hammers, such as car keys, house keys, and so on.


  1. Hold objects tightly like you are holding a hammer, for example, house keys.
  2. Position your hands in a fist and perpendicular.
  3. Aim the object towards the opponent as tight as possible.

2. Self-defense moves for women with straight punches

When your opponent is in front of you, you can also use a straight punch . The difference with the  hammer strike , the support used in the straight punch martial movement for women is the fist.


  1. Put one foot forward, push your hips, and the fist of your hand will be used for the punch.
  2. Bring your clenched fist to your opponent with full force and make sure the punch rests on your middle finger.
  3. Also, make sure to punch your hand towards a part of the body where the opponent is prone to weakness, for example the eyes, nose or neck.

3. Kick to the groin

Throwing a kick into your opponent’s groin can make him weak and lose focus. However, before doing so make sure you already know the technique and the right position.


  1. Move your hips forward with your knees bent and heels back.
  2. Extend or spread your legs apart and get ready to kick.
  3. Kick right in the groin area of ​​your opponent with your right foot, using the top or instep of the foot to be precise.

4. Groin kick

The martial arts move for women with a groyne kick is basically the same as a groin kick. Both of these movements are both toward the same point, namely the groin and groin area.

Only difference, if the previous groin kick used the instep,  groynes kick is done using the knee.


  1. Raise one of your most dominant legs, such as your right leg, then move your knee up.
  2. Move the hips on the part of the foot that will be used for kicking, then give the kick as hard as you can.
  3. Throw the kick right at the groin point of your opponent with your knee and shin area.
  4. If your opponent is too close to your body, push your knees toward your hips, keeping your position stable so you don’t fall.

5. Elbow stroke

If your opponent is close in front of you but there is not enough distance to hit or kick him strongly, try using the elbow.

The elbow stroke in the martial arts move for women can also be used when your opponent is behind you.


  1. If possible, stabilize your body position by resting firmly on your legs.
  2. Bend your arms to prepare for an elbow strike, slide your body slightly forward, then point your elbows at the target opponent’s body.
  3. You can point your elbows towards your opponent’s neck, jaw, chin, nose and chest.

Meanwhile, if the opponent’s position is behind you, the elbow strokes that can be done are:

  1. Make sure you can see your opponent even if they are behind your body.
  2. Raise the elbow that will be used for hitting (eg right), then rotate the leg on the opposite side of the elbow to hit (eg left).
  3. Then hit hard with the back of your right elbow.

These two elbow strokes can help loosen your opponent’s grip when he is holding you, allowing you to let go and run.

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