Best Time For Running Sports

Sport is an activity that is important to do to maintain a healthy body. One of the most practical sports that don’t require special equipment is running . Running can also be done for any time.

There are those who prefer to run in the morning, there are also those who prefer to run in the afternoon. However, when is the best time to do running?

The best time to run according to research

In fact, running is best done in the late afternoon or early evening. This time is considered ideal because the body’s core temperature is at its peak in the afternoon. For most people, the core temperature peaks between 4 and 5 p.m.

This fact is obtained from research on circadian rhythms which also states that exercise in the afternoon will provide more effective results.

When an increase in core temperature occurs at this time, the body also increases energy metabolism and muscle capacity to adapt during running sports. A fully functional metabolism will help the body to burn calories throughout the night. Meanwhile, good muscle adaptation can make the body better prepared for changes in running fields and reduce the risk of injury.

study also states that the lungs work better in the late afternoon. This means that the absorption of oxygen by the lungs is maximized. This can help you run faster and be more focused on your surroundings.

Not only that, a study conducted by the University of California found that exercising, including running in the afternoon and at night, makes you sleep faster. This is caused by a decrease in blood pressure as a result of the muscles contracting during running.

Running at night can also encourage the body to release endorphin hormones, which can help improve your mood and make your body more relaxed.

What if you run in the morning?

Running in the morning is also a good thing to do. Apart from cleaner air, jogging can also help increase your metabolism. If you do a morning jog when you wake up, the effect will help your body burn more calories throughout the day.

Morning jogging also helps your exercise schedule more consistently. Setting aside time to exercise in the morning will be easier because you won’t get in the way of other activities.

However, be aware that your core body temperature in the morning is so low that it may take you a little longer to warm up to get your body ready for exercise.

Tips for running in the middle of a busy schedule

For those of you who are busy with work and daily activities, maybe setting aside time for running both in the morning and in the evening will be a little difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow.

  • If the distance between your home and work is close, take advantage of running when you go to or come home. Apart from avoiding traffic jams and saving time, this activity is also useful for making the body fitter.
  • Set an early alarm for running sports before you start activities such as dawn right before sunrise.
  • If possible, take the time to hit the gym during your lunch break.

Regardless of when is the right time to do it, running will still provide benefits for your health. Keep in mind that the above recommendations are not mandatory rules. Adjusting sports activities with a busy schedule and body condition is still important.

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