before doing cardio, it’s very important not to overdo it!

1. If the fat is not reduced:   Cardio exercise is one type of exercise to burn excess fat, and most people give this sport too much. Many think that more cardio means less fat. In fact, when the body is doing cardio too often, it actually sends a signal to the body to start storing fat, not burning it.

This happens because when you do cardio, your body reacts to the pressure from exercise that blocks an important hormone produced by your body’s thyroid that burns fat, called the T3 hormone. This hormone is suppressed in such a way that the body begins to add and store body fat. This is why excessive cardio exercise can lead to reduced muscle mass due to a slower metabolism.

2. Muscles are not formed:   When a person is embarking on a sporting journey, it is muscle mass that makes the body appear to undergo changes. The ratio of body fat to muscle mass are the two components that make up the body and how it makes the body visible. 

Without muscles that are formed, a person will tend to look thin but not filled with good muscle mass. So, having a portion of cardio exercise is very important if you want to look not only thin, but also filled with built muscles.

3. Muscles always feel sore: Are your muscles always feeling pulled and stiff? Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you have exceeded your body’s ability to endure pain and that you need to stop immediately. Ignoring the pain and continuing to exercise can harm your body. If you feel unbearable joint and muscle pain, this is the way the body signals you to stop for a moment from exercise that is too hard.

Where are the limits for cardio exercise?  The short answer is to remember how you train, have a dose of exercise before cardio and after enough cardio every day when doing strenuous or functional training.And if you experience the three points above on your sporting journey, consider changing your exercise routine to a wider variety such as adding functional and weight training types. By choosing the right exercises, not only can weight loss be achieved, but also increase body balance, posture improves, core muscles also get stronger, thereby reducing the chance of injury.

Keep in mind, with strong core muscles, you will be easier and more agile to move. Combining cardio with strength training can speed up and perfect your fitness goals, resulting in reduced fat and increased muscle mass. 
Cardio goals are very important: Setting specific targets will help you get a stronger body. By setting a target, you can gradually achieve your sporting goals and encourage yourself to do sports better each day. Adding a variety of exercises to your sporting activities will help strengthen your body’s joints, reducing your risk of body aches and fatigue. So now you know how to get good cardio and change your exercise habits if needed. 

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