In order to stay in shape during the holidays, cheat these 4 easy exercise tips

It is still possible to exercise regularly during holidays. Even if you are on a sightseeing trip with your family. Even though you are tied to a busy schedule, holidays are not an excuse for you to miss sports.

You should still arrange time to exercise together, especially with children. Therefore, the habit of mager during long holidays can be one of the factors that increase the risk of obesity in children . Come on, see a variety of sports tips that are easy to apply so that you and your family can stay active while on vacation.

What types of sports can you do on vacation ?

There are several sports options that can still be done while on vacation with family. Some of it may not even feel like exercise, so your child may be excited to get involved .. The review below includes tips for doing so. 

On foot

You can take the family for a walk after dinner . A leisurely walk helps burn calories and prevents your stomach from feeling up after eating.

It doesn’t need to be too long or too far from home or lodging. However, make sure you and your family wear the right sports shoes. You can also push the stroller  to carry your baby or toddler. 

Play the game

You don’t have to bother persuading your child to exercise. If your child is enjoying playing console games, you can take this opportunity to join them. 

The holiday atmosphere will be even more fun if you and your family play together, especially games that require physical movement. Think of it as a sport while on vacation.

Choose a sporting game, such as “Bowling” or “Just Dance”. 


If the sun’s heat doesn’t cut your skin too much, take your family members on a hike together as a sport option while on vacation outside the city. This activity is always fun and adrenaline-pumping, especially when done together. 

If you are traveling with an infant or toddler, you may need a baby backpack with sun protection and a water bottle bag. You can carry your little one in the backpack while enjoying your hiking trip happily.  


If you and your family don’t really like outdoor activities, yoga is the right choice. Many sports studios allow you to work out with your family or partner. You can also do yoga by following the movements on DVD or YouTube. 


Playing on the beach is certainly fun if done with family and loved ones. Sports activities while on vacation at the beach seem to be of unlimited types, including surfing . 

Surfing or surfing is not easy to do, but these activities will arouse the adventurous spirit of you and your family.

Imagine that you and your partner are surfing together, while your children laugh while playing in the water. Fun is not it? 

Tips for staying diligent in exercising while on vacation

Apart from the things that have been mentioned, here are general tips for exercising while on vacation:

Bring sports equipment

The Mayo Clinic says you should bring sports equipment to the tourist destinations you are going to visit. Also pay attention to sporting goods for your spouse and children. These items include:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Tracksuits
  • Swimsuit
  • Jump rope
  • Yoga mat


When you and your family arrive at the vacation location, start with light exercise , such as walking to check the situation. If not possible, schedule it for another day and make it a mandatory activity on vacation. 

Don’t push things

If you and your family experience fatigue or even jetlag after a long journey to a vacation location, don’t force yourself to exercise. Travel can disrupt your sleep and eating schedule . Therefore, determine the best time to exercise for your fitness and your family. 

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