Is it true that diligent skipping can make you gain height?

Jumping rope or skipping is an easy cardio exercise that is also cheap. In addition to being healthy for the heart and lungs, many say that skipping can be a fast way to increase height. Is it true that skipping is really the benefit of this one, or is it just the neighbors whispering?

Actually, what affects a person’s height?

Genes are the main factor determining a person’s height. About 60-80 percent of your height is determined by the genetic inheritance of your parents. If your parents were short, then you are likely to have a short stature too. The rest depends on environmental factors, especially dietary nutrition and daily routine of physical activity.

Uncover the benefits of skipping as a way to gain weight

It is true that  regular exercise  can help increase height. This is because during exercise, the body will release more growth hormone (HGH) to support maximum height growth.

In addition, exercise in general will help strengthen brain and bone structure. Now when you are skipping, the bones are also trained to accept the load by supporting your body weight. This loading triggers the formation of new bone cells.

Not everyone can gain height by skipping

The benefits of skipping as a way to increase height actually cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

Skipping can increase height, especially if it is routinely done from childhood onwards. The reason is, although the pituitary gland never stops producing the hormone HGH, the amount will peak during puberty and then gradually decline after the age of 30 years.

Moreover, in the bones of children and adolescents who are still growing, the formation of new bone cells will affect the size of the bones to become longer. The height will also increase with the formation of new bone cells.

Apart from the factor of HGH production and faster bone growth in children, it is also important to remember that height stops growing  when the epiphyseal plate (the long bone) closes. Generally, women will stop growing around the age of 16 years, and 18 years for men. When it’s closed, that’s the final result of your adult height. Meanwhile, male and female height will shrink from the age of 40 onwards.

So, don’t be surprised if skipping is one of the physical activities that really helps a child’s height growth. For those of you who are over 30, the effect of height growth from skipping usually does not work. But instead of skipping it no longer has health benefits for adults

Benefits of skipping for adults

Although for adults the benefits of skipping cannot make the body taller, diligent jumping rope can strengthen muscles and maintain bone density and strength.

In adults who have not experienced growth, the formation of new bone cells will fill the bone to become more dense. Conditions like this will make the bones stronger and reduce the risk of bone loss .

In addition to strengthening your bones, repeated jumping movements will also make your leg muscles stronger. Strong leg muscles certainly don’t tire you out quickly when walking long distances or climbing stairs, right?

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