Make Running Sports Routines with These 5 Tips

Running is a type of sport that is quite easy to do without the need to spend a penny. However, many people find it difficult to make this a routine. No need to worry, there are a few tips you can try so that you run regularly.

Check out the reviews below to get the most of your running routine. 

Tips for running regularly

Running sport offers a myriad of properties for health. According to research from The Journal of Adolescent Health , routine 30 minutes of running in the morning improves sleep quality and psychological functioning. 

In addition, running also affects the health of the body, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. 

So that you get these benefits, consider a few tips for regular running exercises below. 

1. Prepare the tools needed

One of the tips that you can try so that you run regularly is to prepare the equipment needed. 

When exercising, especially running, wearing the right clothes and shoes is an important key so that your running remains comfortable and of quality. Even though you only need the right shoes and clothes to run, the wrong choice can actually have an impact on your health. 

Choose shoes specifically designed for running and don’t forget to wear socks. Also, try to wear clothes that absorb sweat, such as t-shirts and sweatpants. 

If you’re more comfortable running at night, maybe a light-colored or reflective jacket is safer to use at that time. 

2. Make weekly plans

After successfully choosing clothes and special shoes for running, another tip for you to run regularly is to start making a weekly plan . 

If you have just started running, aka a beginner, it may be better not to run every day because you fear it could cause injury or be too tired. Instead of every day, you can start by running on certain days for 20-30 minutes. 

If you are busy at work and find it difficult to find time to exercise, you may want to run in the morning. This method is usually quite effective to do before work and family routines keep you busy. 

For those of you who are used to running, scheduling weekly running training is important. For example, one day a week you can run at a high speed. Another day can be spent practicing your running speed. 

After that, another day or two can be filled with jogging so you don’t get too tired. You can even include a training plan for running uphill to build strength in your legs. 

With a varied plan like this, chances are that boredom won’t keep you from running regularly. 

3. Stretch

Apart from choosing clothes and scheduling when to run, another tip for you to run regularly is stretching . 

Running without stretching is more at risk of injury. Indeed, stretching does not have to be done before running, but at least let your body heat up before running fast. 

For example, you can run slowly for the first few minutes to heat up the muscles. After that, you can run and stretch when you’re done. 

4. Running with friends

You can run with friends as one of the tips for regular running exercise. Why?

According to a study from the British Journal of Health Psychology , exercise with friends provides emotional support to you, making you more enthusiastic about running. 

If your friend is a person who runs a lot, learning how to survive and other running tips can be quite helpful. Plus, this method is quite effective because it makes running more enjoyable and encourages you to exercise longer.

5. Choose a safe place

Finally, tips for running a routine that you can follow is choosing a safe place. Try to stay in a well-lit running area that is crowded with people. For example, you could find a park or a place where people often practice running. 

Make sure your clothes are light colors, both in the morning and at night . This is so that when something bad happens to you, such as fainting or falling, it’s easier to find. 

After trying a few tips so that you can run at the top of your routine and still find it difficult, you may need help from a trainer who can guide you to be more active.

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