Not Only Women, Here Are 7 Benefits of Yoga for Men

In general, the yoga classes available at various sports centers are attended by women. But this fact may surprise you: yoga is not a women’s only exercise. Yoga for men also has the same benefits.

Regular yoga will sharpen your mental focus and flush toxins out of the body. You will also increase your body flexibility. This is useful not only for physical readiness for other sports, but also for improving your performance in bed

Still not convinced? Here are 7 beneficial benefits of yoga for men that you should take a look at.

Benefits of yoga for men

1. Increase the range of motion of the body

You might think that range of motion is the same thing as flexibility, but they’re a little different. Men have many hard muscle groups, such as the hamstrings (muscles behind the thighs), glutes (hips and glutes), abs, and shoulders. What you don’t realize is that these muscles have a limited ability to be trained to meet their range of motion capacity.

When you only do exercises such as lifting weights or bench press, repetitive, monotonous movements that focus movement only on certain muscle groups. This over time limits your range of motion in everyday functionality.

Yoga classes for men will emphasize the movements that can pave the way for these muscles to work more optimally. Increased flexibility will help the body to provide the best capacity for movement. This can benefit you in the gym for your next workout session. Who doesn’t want to have better posture and movement when doing bench press?

2. Smooth breathing

Maybe you feel like you’ve been breathing just fine all this time. But you will be surprised to find that yoga will challenge you to focus energy on the in-breaths and exhales. In particular, at times you struggle to maintain complex postures that are unfamiliar to your body.

The more intense your yoga class is, these movements “force” you to slow down your breathing rate rather than speed it up. This breathing technique will teach you to take deep, slow breaths when you really need them. This technique also expands the lung capacity to allow you to inhale the same amount of oxygen, or even more, with short breaths.

3. Strengthens body balance

Yoga involves many unique movements in addition to classical movements, such as down dogs, planks, and other variations of lateral movements, twisting, spinal-arching, and many other balance exercises. All of these balance exercises are not possible in your weight lifting class.

Through these unique movements, your body will be stimulated to develop muscle capacity in new and unexpected ways. In addition, it strengthens the body’s balancing muscles and improves joint health over time. You’ll get stronger, that’s for sure, but you’ll also hone those weak joints you didn’t know about so far, to prevent injury the next time you work out.

In other words, a yoga class will cover many of the basic aspects you thought you were already doing (but probably aren’t) with an injury prevention and mobility enhancement routine .

4. Relaxation

If you are a gym enthusiast, you know that there are certain days when you should rest but are required to stay active; not with strenuous physical exercise. Yoga is the right choice of activities to fill the “emptiness” of the day. You can stay active while also getting relaxation and muscle recovery time. This is useful for keeping in shape and preparing you for the next gym session.

5. Balance your body, mental, and holistic

As well as helping to improve physical balance, a yoga class for men will encourage you to explore your body’s capacities with complex poses, letting you know where your real weakness is.

In addition, yoga is powerful enough to help you men  deal with stress . Instead of hitting a punching bag in the gym to release the stress of your daily routine, which can make you even more tired and aggressive, yoga allows you to be more relaxed overall. It also involves a combination of mind meditation, breathing exercises, and body relaxation techniques.

Over time, yoga will train you to instinctively start changing your diet and lifestyle. You will no longer feel the need to smoke or party all night, knowing that it will spoil what you have been so hard to build up to. During yoga, your mind can pause to stay focused and calm to see the big picture of the real problem. Moreover you can act out of self-integrity and not out of apparent panic.

In short, focus, productivity, and insight into creativity can all be enhanced with regular yoga.

6. Build muscle

Yoga uses your own body weight to build muscle mass and strength. Let’s compare: When doing bench press, on average you will lift about 70-90 kilos in one session to get the ideal muscle. By doing yoga, you can also get the same optimal muscle building benefits from bench press by doing push-ups, squats, and legi lifts modified with typical yoga movements. As a result, the mass and strength of the muscle groups are just as good, but will always get stronger over time.

Yoga expands the range of motion for men and increases access to more muscle fibers. This can allow the hypertrophy process to be more profound in each focused muscle group. Hypertrophy is the process by which muscles develop due to enlarged muscle cells, aka muscle growth at the cellular level.

If you complement your weightlifting routine with yoga classes, you will be able to activate areas of the muscles that you may have been neglecting over the years. For example, the serratus anterior muscle group, or “boxer muscle,” which lies between under your armpit and side of your ribs. This muscle provides balance to your shoulders and is the basis for you to develop your deltoid and chest muscles. Exercising your serratus anterior muscles will help your six-pack look much more defined and toned, and this can be achieved through yoga classes.

7. Relieve pain and injury

Yoga uses controlled movements and a harmony between the body, propulsion system and breathing to build your body more efficiently and minimize the risk of injury. Safety and harmony is the first and absolute priority in yoga. Yoga requires you not to push yourself beyond your means through the constraints of posture and concentration on breathing.

Within the first month of completing a yoga routine, you will be able to reduce pain and injury, taking your general health to the next level.

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