Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin Before and After Exercising

It is no secret that exercise is very beneficial for the health of the body , especially the health of your skin. However, it would be nice if you maximize these benefits by still caring for your skin before and after exercising. What skin treatments should sports fans know?

Recommended skin care when exercising

It cannot be denied, by exercising the body becomes healthier and often has a good effect on skin health . This is evidenced by research published in the journal Aging Cell . 

The study says that aerobic movement and resistance training can help prevent signs of skin aging. In fact, the more routine you exercise, the brighter your skin will be, especially on the face. 

However, these satisfying results certainly cannot be achieved if skin care during exercise is not done properly. Here are some skin care tips that can be done before and after physical activity.

1. Wear sunscreen before exercising

One of the stages of skin care when exercising that you shouldn’t forget is wearing sunscreen. The use of sunscreen is a must, whether you are exercising in the gym or outside. 

This is because when you are exercising at the gym the possibility of light coming in through the window is quite large. Then, the skin will be exposed to UV rays and risk accelerating aging and skin damage. 

What’s more, the sun’s rays can also cause acne as your skin becomes drier. The reason is, the body will produce more oil and clog pores, causing acne. 

Try to use a sunscreen with an anti-sweat SPF while exercising. Generally, sunscreens specifically for sports are available on the market and choose oil-free or non-comedogenic ingredients. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face, front and back neck, and chest. 

2. No need to wash your face

Did you know that you don’t need to wash your face before exercising as long as your facial skin is clean? Not many people know about skin care during sports. Most people may feel more comfortable exercising after washing their face. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology , removing makeup on the face with makeup cleaning liquid is actually enough without the need to wash your face. For those of you who use a moisturizer with a fairly heavy content, you might consider leaving it.

Some moisturizers provide a barrier on the skin that can prevent water from evaporating. As a result, clogged pores and evaporation of sweat will occur and actually cause problems for the skin when exercising. 

3. Wipe off the sweat with a clean towel

Besides using sunscreen, other skin care that needs to be done when exercising is not to forget to wipe sweat with a clean towel .

When your body sweats your skin, pat the towel gently. If you wipe the sweat too hard, it will actually make your skin even harder.

Also, don’t forget to wear clean workout clothes. Using dirty clothes can clog pores that come from dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil. As a result, acne on the skin cannot be avoided. 

4. Take a shower after exercising

Bathing after exercise is a stage of skin care that must be done. This aims to flush out the accumulated oil and bacteria that can cause acne. 

For those of you with skin prone to acne, you should use a facial cleanser that is light and oil-free. Facial cleansers like this can remove acne-causing bacteria and prevent clogged pores without irritating the skin.

When you shower, you don’t need to be too tight when rubbing the skin. If you can’t shower, try changing your clothes to clean clothes and wiping your skin with a clean towel.

After that, don’t forget to reuse your sunscreen after bathing. The sweat that is produced when exercising can certainly remove the spread of sunscreen that was used.

No need to apply sunscreen too thick. You only need sunscreen to protect the UV rays that enter the room and to even out your skin tone.

If some of the skin care methods during the above exercises don’t work and your skin condition worsens, consult a dermatologist immediately . That way, you will know if there is a wrong product or method and how to solve it.

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