10 Best Foods for You Who Are Hungry Fast

Losing weight or maintaining an ideal body weight can be difficult if you are among those who are hungry fast. It seems that no matter how much food you eat, hunger will still attack so that you feel like you want to chew something. Now, you need a clever tactic so that hunger doesn’t haunt you. Instead, choose a menu that can make you full longer. Certain types of food can send signals to your brain that your appetite has been satisfied. No need to worry, the following foods that help you don’t get hungry quickly will not make you gain weight because of their balanced nutritional content. Check out the types of food below.

1. Soup

A study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University in the United States proved that people who eat soup with broth at lunch will be full longer. Instead of eating too much rice and side dishes, soup with broth is 20% less calorie but has greater nutrition. That is what can help your stomach feel fuller for longer. In addition to vegetables, make sure your soup is also rich in protein. Protein sources that you can mix in soup include red beans, peanuts, meat, chicken, and fish.

2. Avocados

Reduce your portion of your meal and replace it with half an avocado. A study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that those who ate half an avocado at lunch felt 22% more full than a normal portion of lunch. Three hours later they also reported that their cravings for snacking were reduced by 24% compared to when they ate their usual calorie count. 

3. Eggs

Starting your day with an egg breakfast can satisfy your stomach until lunch time. The high protein in eggs will keep you full longer. In addition, experts at the University of Missouri also revealed that people who eat protein-rich eggs for breakfast tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day and are less hungry.

4. Gado-gado

For a nutritious and filling lunch, hodgepodge can be your choice. Gado-Gado consists of various kinds of vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that will fulfill your nutritional needs. If you have enough nutrition, you will avoid feeling like chewing something even though you are not really hungry. In addition, the nuts in the hodgepodge will provide the protein and unsaturated fats your body needs to stay full for a longer time.

5. Chicken and fish

In order not to get hungry quickly even though you have eaten, lean protein is the answer you need. You can find low-fat protein in chicken and fish such as tuna and sardines. Besides not making you fat, protein-rich chicken and fish will make you fuller. However, try to eat fish or chicken that is stir-fried, boiled, and processed into pepes, not fried.

6. Oatmeal porridge

Replace your breakfast cereal or fried rice with a bowl of warm oatmeal porridge . Carbohydrates contained in oats will be burned in the body longer. Therefore, you don’t get hungry quickly but you still get the energy intake needed to carry out your daily activities. The high fiber in oatmeal porridge will also improve the digestive system so that any nutrients that enter will be better absorbed. This means that your brain won’t be fooled into wanting to eat something because the nutrients from your food have not been fully absorbed by your body.

7. Dark chocolate

If the desire to snack starts to emerge, choose dark chocolate or dark chocolate. Compared to other types of chocolate such as white chocolate or milk chocolate , dark chocolate is denser and more nutritious. A study published in Nutrition & Diabetes reveals that eating dark chocolate can help you control cravings for sweet or salty foods. After all, dark chocolate offers a myriad of benefits for your health.  

8. Apples

Fruits rich in fiber can fill your stomach for a longer time. Try to eat one apple about half an hour before meals. The water and fiber content in apples will help control your appetite so that you don’t get crazy and eat too much. Plus, fiber can help you lose weight.

9. Smoothies

Fill your stomach with smoothies from low-fat yogurt and fruits rich in fiber. You will also get protein, calcium, fiber, and vitamins that the body needs. Due to the nutrient density of the smoothies you drink, your stomach won’t get hungry as fast. You can also prevent dehydration and thirst, which the body sometimes mistakes for hunger.

10. Vegetables

Spread your plate so you don’t get hungry quickly even though you have eaten. If your usual ratio of rice, side dishes, and vegetables is 2: 2: 1, change the portion to 1: 1: 3. Make sure that your rice or carbohydrate sources are not more than the vegetables you eat. Stewed, stir-fried, or raw vegetables that are rich in various nutrients will keep you full longer than rice, noodles, or bread. By doing this, your appetite will be healthier and easier to control.

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