Eating Rice With Coconut Oil, A New Trick to Cut Food Calories

Currently more and more people are overweight and even overweight. Most of course it is caused by bad and careless diet. Well, this time there is a study that found a new solution to reduce obesity , namely by eating rice mixed with coconut oil. The benefits of coconut oil for health are many, one of which is being able to cut the intake of incoming calories. How to?

Powerful cut calories, the benefits of coconut oil are not widely known

The benefits of this one coconut oil were revealed from a study originating from the Colege of Chemical Sciences Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sudhai A James, leader of the research team found that processing rice with coconut oil actually affects the type and amount of starch, carbohydrates in rice which if too many of them can cause obesity.

Even experts claim that rice cooked with coconut oil will reduce the calorie content by 50-60 percent of normally processed rice. James explained that starch is a component in rice which has two types. Digestible and indigestible starches are called resistant starches.

Resistant starch cannot be broken down in the small intestine. This results in no sugar that is usually obtained from the digestion of starch and ultimately no sugar enters the blood. Therefore, blood sugar levels tend to be normal.

Excess starch will make blood sugar spike. If there is no activity or physical activity that makes blood sugar used, this substance will be converted by the body into fat reserves. The more starch you get, the more fat you will get, especially if it’s not accompanied by regular exercise .

Now with this condition, the researchers concluded that if the type of starch in rice can be converted into an indigestible type, it can reduce the number of calories produced from rice, and sugar is not absorbed by the body excessively.

How does coconut oil change the starch in rice?

The benefits of coconut oil can be obtained because of the interaction between the starch content that occurs during the cooking process. James explained that coconut oil will get into the starch grains during the cooking process. This will change its structure so that it becomes resistant to digestive enzymes.

That means, the less starch is digested, the fewer calories the body will absorb. According to James, when rice is reheated with high levels of resistant starch, the starch content will remain unchanged.

So, that’s why finally adding coconut oil to the process of cooking rice is one of the methods some people are starting to use to cut calories. Eating rice with coconut oil can be one simple trick you can do at home.

Even so, James said that further research is needed to see this effect on other rice varieties, besides that it is necessary to study what type of rice is most appropriate to apply this method and whether only coconut oil has this ability.

Then, how do you cook rice with coconut oil?

Not much different from how to cook ordinary rice. You just have to add coconut oil to the water and the rice to be cooked. Coconut oil is needed only 3 percent of the total weight of cooked rice. If you cook 500 grams of rice you only need 15 grams of coconut oil.

Once cooked, store the rice in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. During this time, coconut oil will immediately react with the starch and change its shape.

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