In order to maintain body weight, this is the ideal lunch portion

Not good if you pass lunch time because this will affect the adequacy of daily nutritional intake. But that does not mean, you can determine the portion of lunch as you wish. To overcome hunger, people who do not usually eat breakfast will usually eat an excessive portion of lunch. Things like this can actually increase the risk of gaining weight.

In determining a healthy and appropriate food menu, it does not depend on how full your stomach is or how much food is consumed. These portions of food must meet a certain number of calories.

Of course, it would be very inconvenient if you always have to count how many calories from each food. Check out the following tricks to make it easier to manage the right lunch portion.

Know how many calories you need

The calorie needs of each person per day actually cannot be beaten flat. Many factors affect each person’s calorie needs, such as gender, age, medical history, to how strenuous the daily activities are. Well, this ideal lunch portion must be controlled by following your body’s calorie needs.

To find out your daily calorie needs, you can calculate it using the Harris-Bennedict formula, the formula from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ideally, the calorie needs that need to be met in one portion of lunch are 30 percent of the number of calories needed in a day. With a note, a regular diet that you carry out is three heavy meals and two snacks a day.

Another way to determine your calorie needs is to consult with doctors and nutritionists that you trust.

For example, your daily calorie requirement after calculating is 2000 calories. So, the recommended lunch portion is as much as 600 calories. Well, from this number, then it is further divided into servings per food ingredient, from carbohydrates, protein, fat, to vitamins and minerals.

Dividing Food Composition

After knowing how many calories you should eat at lunch, then you must understand how to divide them into food ingredients, from staple foods, side dishes, to vegetables and fruit.

Now, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has issued a new recommendation, namely the Guidelines for Balanced Nutrition, which explains how you should divide food in one plate.

The new guideline entitled ” Fill My Plate ” (pictured above) recommends dividing the contents of the plate with the following composition:

  • Staple foods, such as rice, rice noodles, noodles, bread or substitutes: 3/4 of the plate
  • Side dishes, such as animal and vegetable protein: 1/4 of the plate
  • Vegetables: 3/4 of the plate
  • Fruits: 1/4 of the plate

Example of the recommended lunch portion

In order to better imagine what it looks like, here is an example of a 700 calorie lunch menu along with the size of the ingredients.

Staple food

For one meal, the recommended source of carbohydrates is 150 grams. This amount can be in the form of 3 scoops of rice, 3 medium potatoes (300 grams), or half a cup of dry noodles (75 grams).

Side dishes

Animal side dishes are equivalent to 75 grams of mackerel, 1 large egg, or 2 medium sized pieces of chicken without skin. Meanwhile, the vegetable side dishes that should be eaten are 2 medium-sized pieces of tempeh or 1 large slice of tofu.


In one meal, you should eat 150 grams of vegetables or the equivalent of 1 medium cup of cooked vegetables.


As a complement and cover, you should also eat fruit after eating. The portion of fruit that is recommended to be eaten after lunch is as much as 1 serving of fruit which is equivalent to 1 medium banana or 2 medium oranges.

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