Set Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Obesity

Obesity  can affect anyone indiscriminately. This condition of being overweight is known to increase the risk of various life-threatening chronic diseases. To avoid obesity and reduce the risk of chronic disease, you need to improve your eating habits. What are the eating habits that need to be rearranged to prevent obesity? Come on, see the following reviews.

Regulate eating habits to prevent obesity

Obesity (obesity)  are caused by a combination of genetics, bad eating habits and lifestyle that  mager  aka  lazy motion . Of these three factors, most people tend to have unhealthy eating habits.

Most people don’t know that the eating habits they adopt are unhealthy. While the rest know their eating habits are not good, they just ignore it. In fact, eating habits are closely related to weight scales.

If bad eating habits are not eliminated, weight gain is out of control, obesity can attack, and eventually invite diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Of course you don’t want  this obesity complication to  happen, right?

So, from now on, reset your eating habits to be healthier to prevent obesity and obesity. Here are healthy eating habits that you should adopt.

1. Choose a healthier diet

Choosing healthy foods is the most basic eating habit to prevent weight gain and obesity. The healthy food in question is that it has far more nutritional content and how to process it is healthy.

So, examples of healthy foods that you can enjoy are vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, and lean chicken and beef.

Then, how to process it must also be considered. For example, cooking with a little oil, not boiling vegetables for too long, and choosing fresh food ingredients rather than those that have been packaged or processed.

2. Eat in moderation

Healthy eating habits to prevent obesity are next to pay attention to food portions. Large portions of food often lead to unused calories maximally.

Excess calories will become body fat deposits, make you gain weight, and increase the risk of obesity. For this reason, you should not eat large portions if they are not balanced with appropriate activities.

3. Can snack, but the portion and choice of food is considered

Eating habits to prevent obesity that you have to apply next is to eat according to time. Not when you are very hungry or when your stomach is still full. If you feel hungry but haven’t yet entered lunch or dinner, you can  snack .

Eating snacks can delay hunger and replenish energy in the body. It’s just that snacks should not be eaten in large portions. Likewise those containing high sugar or salt.

Snack foods should be chosen carefully so as not to push your calories over the recommended limits. Healthy snacks that can make you full longer include soy snacks .

Research published in the  Journal of Nutrition in 2015  shows that eating soy as a snack can control appetite. Not only that,  snacking on  soy can also improve mood and brain cognitive function.

4. Do not sleep after eating

Sleeping after eating not only causes digestive problems, it also causes weight gain. This happens because calories are not used optimally and form a pile of fat in the body. After eating, do activities other than sleep for at least 3 hours.

Drowsiness after eating is often caused by too much food and makes you full. To avoid this, you must pay attention to food portions.

5. Eat slowly while focusing

Healthy eating habits to prevent obesity also include how you eat. To make it more enjoyable, you certainly have to focus on the food that has been served and eat calmly.

That way, you can chew your food better and know when to stop eating. Avoid all activities that interfere with concentration while eating. For example watching television, checking social media, or chatting.

6. Eat on time

What makes you eat more than usual? Of course the answer is a high appetite. This is especially common if you frequently skip breakfast or delay meals.

If you don’t want your food intake to be excessive and cause you to gain weight, eat according to the time. Take the time to fill an empty stomach with breakfast. Then, get rid of work or other activities when lunch time arrives.

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