What are the proper portions of food for a successful fast diet?

Eating a healthy diet is one of the main keys if you are on a strict diet. Maybe you have chosen healthy foods, but do you know how to eat and share food on your plate?

What is the right portion of food to lose weight?

Before knowing how to divide your food portions in one meal, you must first know the calorie needs per day – which is influenced by height, weight, age, and physical activity. Then, the calories in a day will be divided into each meal time, which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Usually, the calorie needs in a day will be divided into:

  • Ration for breakfast: 20% of total calories
  • Lunch allowance: 30% of total calories
  • Dinner ration: 25% of total calories
  • The rest is a 30% quota for snacks which you can divide into 3 times, so that one snack can consume 10% of total calories.

For example, your calorie needs in one day are 2000 calories, so for breakfast you can spend about 400 calories, eat 600 calories for lunch, and eat dinner up to 500 calories. Then, you can still eat snacks that have 600 calories and you should divide these snacks into three times so that the stomach always feels full and not growling.

How are the portions of staple foods, side dishes, and vegetables divided in one meal?

In accordance with the balanced nutrition guidelines issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health in 2014, you should no longer take rice or side dishes at will, because in the guidelines it has been explained how much rice or side dishes should be eaten at one time.

The following is a dinner plate guide that you must do if you want to achieve a successful diet:

  • Vegetables . Fill one third of your dinner plate with vegetables. As recommended, you should consume 250 grams of vegetables a day, so for one meal you should spend at least 100 grams. The size of 100 grams of vegetables is equivalent to one glass of vegetable star fruit that is ripe and drained.
  • Fruits . For fruit, have one fifth of your meal in your plate. Actually, the fruit you need is around 150 grams. So, you can consume 50 grams with every heavy meal. The size of 50 grams of fruit is equivalent to one banana or two medium sized field oranges.
  • Staple food. The basic food ration is one third of the plate, the same as the portion of vegetables you eat, which is about one third of the plate. the staple food is not only rice, but you can also choose other foods if you are bored with rice, such as potatoes, noodles, vermicelli, sweet potatoes, cassava and so on.
  • Side dishes . While the remaining portions of the plate are still empty, you can fill it with various types of side dishes consisting of animal and vegetable protein. You can consume as much as one serving of each animal protein source .

Other provisions that can help accelerate the success of your diet

If you have chosen healthy food ingredients and adjusted your meal portions, then you are getting closer to the results of the diet you want. But, don’t forget to limit the use of salt and sugar which can ruin your diet. In addition, exercising regularly if you are on a diet is obligatory. You will not be able to achieve satisfying results if you do not do it too.

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