Is There A Way To Repair A Damaged Tooth Enamel Layer?

As we get older, almost everyone feels a problem with their teeth . This is quite common and tends to be caused by yourself due to lack of routine or careful maintenance of dental health and hygiene. One of the problems with your teeth that you can experience is damage to the tooth enamel.

Then, what needs to be done when there is damage to tooth enamel? Is there a way to repair or restore damaged tooth enamel?

Factors that can cause tooth enamel to be damaged

Enamel is the outermost layer of teeth and is the strongest (hardest) structure in the human body. In simple terms, the function of tooth enamel is to protect the inside of the teeth from being exposed to the structure, temperature and chemical compounds of the food and drinks consumed.

Despite its strong structure, enamel can still be damaged. Damage can be caused chemically and mechanically.


One of the causes of tooth decay is acidic foods and drinks . Acidic substances can arise from food debris that sticks to the teeth and are not cleaned immediately.

In addition, reflux or the increase in stomach acid when digestive problems occur can also cause acidic substances to attack your teeth.

Furthermore, low saliva flow or production can have an impact on your tooth enamel. This happens because saliva is useful to help clean acidic substances in the mouth.

Finally, long-term use of medications can affect tooth enamel, such as causing tooth discoloration.


The meaning of mechanical enamel damage is damage that occurs as a result of bad habits that you do yourself. Starting from frequently grinding or grinding your teeth ( teeth grinding ) , to brushing your teeth too hard and using the wrong technique. This habit can damage tooth enamel if done continuously.

It is important to keep tooth enamel in the best condition. Apart from functioning to protect the inside and tissue of the teeth, damaged enamel cannot be replaced by the body naturally.

Then, is there a way to repair damaged tooth enamel?

As mentioned earlier, damaged tooth enamel cannot be repaired naturally or by your body. Therefore, it is very important to always maintain healthy teeth and mouth .

However, when the damage has occurred, the only treatment is with the help of a dentist. In the condition that the damage is still relatively minor, doctors will usually recommend dental fillings.

How do I keep the tooth enamel structure intact?

Basically, ensuring that oral hygiene is kept clean is the main key to maintaining healthy teeth. More specifically, here are things you can do to prevent damage to tooth enamel:

  • Routinely go to the dentist to get fluoride (a type of mineral) topically (directly) to protect enamel. The use of topical fluoride should be done by dentists, because if the dosage and duration are not correct, it will cause fluorosis (white lines or spots) on the teeth which can ruin the appearance.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day in the morning and at night using fluoridated toothpaste , toothbrush with soft bristles, and with proper brushing techniques .
  • Flossing (using dental floss) and gargling with mouthwash to clean between teeth thoroughly.
  • Consume lots of water to neutralize acidic conditions in the mouth.
  • Reduce foods that are high in sugar and acid. And use a straw when consuming acidic drinks to minimize acid contact on the teeth.
  • Patients with bruxism (the habit of grinding teeth) can consult a dentist for the manufacture and use of a mouthguard (mouth and tooth protector) at night while sleeping.

One of the reasons why you need to maintain the strength of the enamel is because the coating of the teeth does not return to normal after damage occurs. The important role of enamel in protecting teeth cannot be overlooked, so you need to ensure that you always maintain the cleanliness and health of your teeth and mouth every day.

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